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Suggestions from Karen for Portraits or Outdoor Photos...

Here are some places in Pensacola that I like to make portraits of families and brides.
Remember--please try to keep the area clean when you are finished and if you see the owner, THANK THEM! :-)

Seville Walkway

This is the walkway with the background slightly blurred. The next picture shows the same walkway, but with no blur. The textures and layers on the bricks are amazing and the colors are warm with old world charm. This photo was taken about 4:30 p.m.


Here is a barn door I found on Tarragona toward Main Street but this feature is close to the road, so you can't be too shy to shoot here! The door is off the ground but there's a cement "step" in front of the door for sitting. I think the contrast between the old wood and the softness of skin is beautiful. Here's another angle below of the same door.

Here is a picture through the breezeway at an office (old IDSI) on Government Street. We could do a silhouette in the darkness of the breezeway with the old brick as a backdrop. Here is another picture once you enter the courtyard. The background is actually the side of an old warehouse building blurred out.

Here is a shot of the Old Christ Church fence on Church Street. This shot is in full focus. The next one is the same shot but blurred on the right side of the photo to put more focus on the person standing close.

Here are some photos of the tunnel on Jefferson Street downtown. These are different shots showing the use of flash, different angles, and no flash.






These photos were taken on Main Street, at the entrance to the Wharf development...




ARBOR NEAR CHRIST CHURCH (might not be so overgrown this season)




These photos were retouched to hide the pipes on the brick wall at the end of the tunnel.

This is a little garden we found downtown off Jefferson Street.



Seville Courtyard

These photos were taken outside at the end of the alley at Seville Quarter (they call it the Courtyard).

Seville Courtyard



Bayshore Drive

Here are some photos taken along Bayshore Drive off Barrancas Avenue.

Bayshore Drive


Here are some photos taken In the Navy Blvd garden (see note below)


In addition to the areas shown above, here are some other suggestions:

- Bayview Park near the oak trees (slight hills with blurred background trees) off Cervantes Street

- Bayview Park on the pier (calm water in the background) off Cervantes Street

- Gardens beside Arco Manufacturing on Navy Boulevard in Warrington (between Arco and the Navy Boulevard Animal Hospital)

- Pensacola Beach near the Water Tower Ball (easy access to the pier)

- Pensacola N.A.S. Beach backgate marina (large driftwood and less people!)

- On the front steps of the T.T. Wentworth Museum downtown (contemporary feel)

- Inside Seville Quarter in the courtyard all the way in the back (wrought iron, old world feel)

- Outdoor theater behind the ballfield (Maritime Park) on Main Street (it's covered)

- There's a small gazebo on Palafox Street near New World Landing

- Air Museum on Pensacola Naval Air Station


To see some of my pet and people portraits in and around the Pensacola area, visit my website at http://www.twinschoice.com.

Call me at (850) 712-8913 for more information.