Hunt Test Photos
by Karen McClure of Pensacola

Creating outdoor photos of your dog is a great way to savor the memory of hard work and fun that
a handler and a dog share. If you know Linda, tell her to bring "the sister with the camera..."

I will get as close to the action as the handler will allow, and I try to make my photos natural where
the focus is on your dog. I try to capture facial expressions, water flying, eagerness, and pride.
Just the way you see your dog.

(Click on any picture below for a closer view.)

ProofIMG9038.jpg ProofIMG9039B.jpg ProofIMG9040B.jpg
ProofIMG9042.jpg ProofIMG9076.jpg ProofIMG9278.jpg
ProofIMG9086.jpg ProofIMG9108B.jpg ProofIMG9145B.jpg
ProofIMG9125.jpg ProofIMG9127.jpg
ProofIMG9212.jpg ProofIMG9254Closer.jpg

(For events like this--the only thing you pay for are prints.)
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