TwinsChoice | ART & PHOTOGRAPHY by Karen McClure

Pensacola Pet Photographer




Dave & Denise's Dollhouse ... (Yes this really IS a dollhouse!)

Come on in...


Dolamore Dollhouse

So beautiful at night...


View from the backyard ~ inside the rooms...

Inside Dollhouse

Here are close up pictures of each of the individual rooms. Select any small photo below to see a larger version of each room.


Room 1spRoom 2spRoom 3spRoom 4spRoom 5
Room 1sp Room 2sp Room 3spaceRoom 4spaceRoom 5

Room 6spaceRoom 7spaceRoom 8spaceRoom 9spaceRoom10
Room 6spaceRoom 7spaceRoom 8spaceRoom 9spaceRoom 10

Here are more pictures showing details of the outside and inside of the dollhouse.







Livingroom with Flash


Livingroom Without Flash


Pretty Door




Flickering Fire


Side View

Before you leave...check out the
"Holiday Version!"

Christmas Home at Night by Karen McClure

(This special effect was done by drawing each light and
wreath by hand on the digital photo. Click the picture to see a closeup.)