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Meet our little girl...

Here are a few of our favorite pictures of Miss Annie. Select the small pictures below to see her up close.
~ Annie ~

Annie came to live with us on August 20, 2005. She is a sweetheart! We got her from the Papillon Club of America Rescue "Operation Liberty."  She weighed about seven pounds and was just over a year old. Here are the first two pictures we took on the day we brought her home. She was a bit shy at first, but now s he is an amazing dog full of life and love.

Onyx lets Annie "cut in line" for treats. We've heard him mumble "down in front!" to the lady with the big tail. 

This is Miss Annie right in the middle of one of her little energy bursts. Can you say blur?
One Pap Nap coming up...
Hmmmm...found something else she likes to do.  She keeps trying to jump in the dryer!
Mama, are you sure you can't fold laundry and hold me at the same time?
One champion squirrel chaser!

Annie just LOVES her new Magical Merlin balls from Hawaii!

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Annie January 2007
This was Annie's buddy Onyx. He lived to be 19 years old! We all sure miss him. Click on this picture to see the cool treat jar a friend had painted for him & his sister! Adorable!
Annie at home...