Those Angel Eyes
With special thanks to Dr. Sandra Uarich
Navy Boulevard Animal Hospital, Pensacola, Florida

Driving along one Sunday morn, I was almost halfway there.
To my place of worship–of peace, of love, of prayer…
Nothing really special was on my mind that day.
I drove along quite normally watching traffic on my way.

Traffic slowed as I approached the bottom of this hill.
Some cars were stopped; I could not see just what it was until,
I moved along as people stared, just underneath a car,
at some poor puppy somehow lost, that wandered out too far.

I drove on by (as most cars did) and as I got away,
I secretly convinced myself it was best for me that way.
My conscience got the best of me before I got too far.
Before I knew what I had done, I was underneath that car!

If you could see what I found there, you’d close your eyes and think
that nothing could survive this long without some food or drink.
This creature’s eyes were big and round and it was frightened, too.
About that time I asked myself, “What did I come to do?”

With help from drivers all around, we caught the little guy.
I picked it up and drove away avoiding those big eyes.
My first thought then, was drive straight to a place where I could call
to find out who could take this dog before I took the fall.

I knew the chance of finding love was slim or nil at best,
for what was wrong with this poor dog would put one to the test.
Her nails were long – I’d say they were, they went up to her knees!
Not to mention lack of hair and lots and lots of fleas.

I had some doubts about the chance of helping her survive.
Help from our vet and oatmeal baths, I guess this dog was mine.
I volunteered to be her friend, to give it my best shot.
To show her trust, to show her love…I knew she’d need a lot.

My wife was sure I’d lost my mind as my friend and I arrived.
I did my best to tell her, it was a miracle this dog survived!
I had to stop to save this pup and help it find a home!
I didn’t know till I saw her eyes, the home would be our own.

We never found the people who must miss this little one.
So, we’re the lucky owners of a sweetheart Papillon.

By Karen Avery McClure


Our little Angel in the first few days we found her. She's wearing the smallest cat collar we could find which measured approximately 2 inches in diameter. She weighed just over 3 pounds soaking wet and her age was estimated at about 10-12 years old.
Here is Angel about six months after we found her. All of her teeth were barely hanging on when we found her, so eventually they all had to go.  She eats regular hard dog food and had no problems gaining two beautiful pounds! Here she is--our five pound bag of sugar!

Her Royal Highness. 

Here she is, just days after we found her. The "leash" was the tiniest sized satin ribbon we could find...Pink of course.


People tell us she's the lucky one...but we disagree...WE are the lucky ones.  Nearly ten years later...what a joy she is to us! 

Click any of these small pictures to see a larger version!

~ Special Note ~

In Loving Memory of our Angel who lived with us from
December 1995 till June 22, 2005.

We miss you...